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Regional Folk Band Mszalniczanie was found in 1981. The 20th anniversary of existance will be held in the October 2001.
The artistic director of the band, who also was a founder of it, is Stanislaw Kunicki. The organizational director is Czeslaw Majewski.
Mszalniczanie represent the folk of Lachowie Sadeccy, the northern region of Karpaty Mountains. This region is the most culturally attractive in the whole Poland (when it goes for singing, dancing, music and even tradition, and the richness of the traditional clothes). Those elements decide about colorfullness and richness of local culture of the Nowy Sacz region.
Folk band Mszalniczanie represents folklor in the authentic, original form. These is made via dances and shows, which are the reconstruction of the local customs.

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Within those 20 years of existance, our band has taken a part in many entertainments and competitions. Our biggest success was winning a Brazowa Ciupaga (Bronze Axe) on the Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Ziem Gorskich (International Mountain Region Folklore Festival) in Zakopane, Poland.
One of out greatest experiences was when we performed in front of Pope Jean Paul II, when he visited our region in June 1999.
We have performed both on the radio and on the television many times, and in July 2001 we have recorded an Audio-CD.
Our band have travelled abroad several times, eg. to Germany and Danmark, where we have performed in front of Queen Margaret II.

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We want to care for region's culture and beauty, so we can perform in other regions of Poland and even abroad.

Here you can find some of our photos, made during our performances.

Here you can find samples of some of our performances. More can be found on our upcoming Audio-CD.

Contact us:
Stanisław Kunicki
tel. 048 18 442-83-30
Czesław Majewski
tel. 048 18 445-65-93

Last update: 20. July 2001